The Ranger Boy

A child raised by his mother in the wild hills, stranded alone with a stranger after a terrible attack seperates him from everyone.


Str 8, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 8 (-50) Age (11), Neutral, Half-Elf, Small, Male, 4’, 80 lbs, purple eyes, yellowish-brown skin, long dark brown hair Level 1 Ranger Hp: 10, AC: 10 + 1 Size + 1 Luck = 12 (12 touch, 12 flat) Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +2, Init +0 BaB +1, Grapple -4, DR: 0, SR: 0, Speed: 30 ft


Hatchet – 1d4-1, +1 Atk, 20 Threat, x3 Crit

MW Dagger – 1d3-1, +2 Atk, 19-20 Threat, x2 Crit

Sling – 1d3+1, +2 Atk, 20 Threat, x2 Crit

Armor: MW Studded Leather – +3 AC

Class Skills: (18) Ranks: 24

Balance Climb Craft (stones) Craft (leather) Craft (metalworking) Craft (woodworking) Handle Animal Heal Hide Jump Knowledge (Nature) Knowledge (Geography) Listen Move Silently Search Spot Survival Swim Use Rope

Special Abilities & Feats

Favored Enemy: Animal (60) Track (20) Wild Empathy (40) Familiar (40)

Fast Tracker (40) reduced penalties for tracking at normal speeds

Swift & Silent (60) Reduced penalties when using Move Silently at normal speeds

Woodland Stalker (40) +2 Hide, Move Silently, Survival, & Knowledge (Nature) in Woodlands

Immunity: Sleep (40) Superior Low-Light Vision (20) +1 Listen, Search, Spot (20)

Point Value:

Abilities: (-50) Equipment: 120 Skills: 60+120 (180) Race: 80 Class: 210 Traits: 300

Total: 840


He had a peaceful and good childhood, wandering the hills, exploring the forests and getting to know the wild life. But he was mostly alone, except for his mother and a single friend in the nearby village. His best friend was his cat who always traveled with him and had a keen ability to warn the boy of danger. He didn’t mind the time alone to much but he did not enjoy the punishment he often suffered when he would enter the villages as he was seen as an outsider and many of the boys enjoyed the sport of hunting him and beating him. His mother could do little to help as she, being an elf, was thought very poorly as well. She did teach him how to fight, choose his battles and to heal his cuts and bruises he suffered. This life was lost when monsters erupted from the very streets of the village and rushed in from the woods destroying everything. Even his mother in her lone hut in the woods was not spared by the attacks, but a strange man that the boy had seen many times wandering the woods alone snatched him up and ran to the safety of hidden grove. He told the boy he could not return to his mother now and that he had gone there first to save her but it was her wish that he save the boy instead. The old man had a difficult time explaining what happened to his mother. She was strong and skilled in combat and could have saved herself but she chose to save the villagers instead. That was the last he’d seen of her, rushing into an overrun village full of monsters and the dead to save as many as she could. Perhaps she was still alive, and he would continue to search for her but, it was better if the boy believed his mother was dead than to waste away on false hopes. Such is the way of the Rangers and such would be the fate of this child now.

The Ranger Boy

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