The Heroic Gnome

Previously a court jester for a beloved king, now displaced after his masters death and wandering alone in the lands of the foes.


Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 14 = 400 Level 1 Gnome Jester, Neutral, Deity Unknown Small, Age 15, Male, 2’ Tall, 25 lbs, silver eyes, white hair, pale skin Hp 10, AC 10 + 2 Dex + 1 Size + 1 Luck + 1 Dodge = 15 (12 flat, 15 touch) +4 Fort, +5 Ref, +5 Will, +2 Init 20 Speed, DR: 0, SR: 0 BaB: +1 Grapple: -4


MW Scimitar – 1d4-1, +2 Atk, 18-20 Threat, x2 Crit Dagger Shooters – 1d3-2, +2 Atk, 20 Threat, x2 Crit MW Dagger – 1d3-1, +2 Atk, 19-20 Threat, x2 Crit

MW Studded Leather Armor (+3 AC) MW Buckler (+1 AC)

Class Skills (21): Ranks (28)

Balance +2 Bluff +2 Climb -1 Concentration +1 Craft (Tinkering) +1 +2 Decipher Script +1 Diplomacy +2 Disguise +2 Escape Artist +2 Gather Information +2 Hide +2 +4 Jump -1 Knowledge (Nobility) +1 Listen +2 +2 Move Silently +2 Perform (Tumbling) +2 Profession (Jester) +2 Sense Motive +2 Sleight of Hand +2 Spot +2 Tumble +2

Special Abilities & Feats

Low-Light Vision (10) +2 save vs Illusions (10) +1 DC w/Illusions (10) +1 Atk when target is Flat-footed (10) +1 Dodge Bonus (40) +2 Listen (20) +2 Craft (Tinkering) (20) Spell-like Abilities: (20) 1/day: Read the Stars Dancing Lights Ghost Sound Prestidigitation Epilepsy DC 20: 1 in 6

Point Value: Abilities = 400 Small = 0 Luck of the Heroes = 120 Skills = 190 Race = 140 Equipment = 240 Epilepsy = -80

Total =1010


Part of a desert wandering clan of gnomes, his entire family was wiped out by a major demon that came upon them in the night. The only survivor and rescued by the knights of a local king, he was raised in the court but suffered terrible nightmares ever after. The trauma was so terrible that even during the day he would experience terrible convulsions during stressful times and witness terrible visions. At night he would take potions to keep him from dreaming to avoid his night terrors. As he grew up he became like a son to the king and he watched his adopted father pronounce great acts of bravery, justice, and wisdom upon any who entered his court. Although his kingdom was small and weak and the king was young, his influence was great and respected. The gnome learned much of the lies, manipulations and difficulties of the nobility and became very skilled and putting people off guard and setting them at ease to trick them into revealing their secrets. He became the kings court jester so he could continue to learn from the king as the king hoped his gnome son would some day become a great prince and make his own way in the world. He also was able to assist the king with his impressive skills in showmanship and socializing. Although the gnome had little trust for anyone other than the king, he always had the face of a trusting friend that make people mistake his true intentions. One day soon, his king will be in grave danger and he will desperately need the assistance of his gnome child for the sake of far more than him or even his own kingdom.

The Heroic Gnome

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