• The Black Gnome

    The Black Gnome

    A troubled gnome with good intentions but constantly failing those around him entrusted to save the world.
  • The Heroic Gnome

    The Heroic Gnome

    Previously a court jester for a beloved king, now displaced after his masters death and wandering alone in the lands of the foes.
  • The Indian Princess

    The Indian Princess

    A young indian girl with old eyes and a commanding gaze seeks to lead a group of heroes on a quest.
  • The Ranger Boy

    The Ranger Boy

    A child raised by his mother in the wild hills, stranded alone with a stranger after a terrible attack seperates him from everyone.
  • The Winged Blade

    The Winged Blade

    A dark boy growing up in the forgotten slums has a gift at staying alive but must find purpose before the darkness inside kills him.